Wm. O. Wise
Canfield, COLO. May 27, 1888

[ From CU Western History Library 1888 ]

Mr. Wise is a native of Wisconsin, born in 1848, and lived there until 1868, when the family came to Colorado. They were two years on the way, going slow on account of his Mother;s poor health.

He had the benefit of a common school education. His father was a blacksmith, also did some milling and farming. Mr. Wise’s and his Mother’s healths have been greatly benefitted since they came to this country. Had a span of colts when he came here, but no money. They camped on the creek tow miles from Canfield and he went to work on a ranche. In a short time they took up a homestead. On this land they began farming. They afterwards discovered coal on land adjacent to their own, and purchased the land. Mr. Wise and his brother opened the Star coal mine, since one of the leading mines of the state. He afterwards sold this mine and in the mean time was adding to his landed interests.

Wis Bros. now have one thousand acres of land, considerable of it being coal land. Three hundred acres under cultivation, and two hundred acres supposed to be valuable coal land. Wise Brothers built a flouring mill in 1883, operated it for one and a half years, and then sold out. Is new engaged in opening a coal mine at Canfield. Coal belt in Boulder County is about ten miles wide, and thirty miles long: the coal produced is bituminous or lignite coal, of good quality. In 1885 the Jackson mine at Canfield produced four hundred tons per month for six months, and for the remaining six months produced 2500 tons per month. The Mitchell, Star and Garfield mines did about the same for the year.

This section is justly regarded as the leading section for coal, the output having been very flattering.

Canfield started in the fall of 1874 with the opening of the Rob Roy mine. Mr. Wise and his brother have been doing a general mercantile business since 1880, and have been very successful.

Is of the opinion that a system of irrigation carried on by the government, and judiciously managed, would be very beneficial to Colorado. Mr. Wise and his brother Joseph Wise, have 300 head of stock. Has accumulated as near as he can tell, forty thousand dollars. An artesian well is being bored by the citizens of Canfield; now down 475 feet, and expect to get water soon.

Has great many white oak and ash trees on his farm. Ash does very well. Mr. Wise was elected by the Republican party, to the State Legislature in 1880. He was one of the founders of the Erie-Canfield Independent. He likes the country exceedingly well, the climate especially, as it has benefitted his health, and he and his brother expect to remain where they are.

Mr. Wise wishes it stated in this dictation that in all their business enterprise, his brother, Joseph Wise has been an equal partner with him and should receive as much credit as himself.