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Bill’s Horse Track

By Lew Holloway When I was a boy, about 11 years old, I cut lawns for my summer job. I got .25¢ cents for cutting and trimming large lawns. I could water lawns for three hours every other day for .25¢ cents per week. The homeowners allowed me to use their lawnmowers...

Mile High Raceway in Erie, CO

S.E. Corner of Erie Parkway and County Road 5 back in the day.  I think it closed down in the early 1970's., but I still see where it was when I drive by. Known as Mile High Raceway Park and also Mountain View Raceway. [gallery type="rectangular"...

The New Erie Fire Truck

by John A. Holley Jr. The town of Erie needed a new fire truck. It was just shortly after the close of WWII and all the servicemen and women were coming home. It didn't take long for the military to realize that there was a lot of unused and unwanted wartime equipment...

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