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The Erie Pickle Factory

The town of Erie once had a pickle factory. Kuner-Empson Cannery of Longmont, Colorado,
owns the Erie facility. It was on the south edge of town, next to Perry St., a former dirt street.

Number Please

Every town has a story. This story is about Erie, Colorado. I am not one of the first to write about the small village of the past. Erie has a rich history, which several excellent writers have documented. Some have published books, while others just wanted to capture the past in writing. My story concerns a significant business overlooked.

Kiln Dried

Erie had a Burlington Railroad switch track. It ran north and south from Anderson St. to Wells St. During the sugar beet season, it was used to store empty gondolas. The switch track was ideal most of the year. On occasion, the railroad would sidetrack a boxcar.

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