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The New Erie Fire Truck

by John A. Holley Jr. The town of Erie needed a new fire truck. It was just shortly after the close of WWII and all the servicemen and women were coming home. It didn't take long for the military to realize that there was a lot of unused and unwanted wartime equipment...

The Lawson Farm

Nancy Gruber Soon the Lawson Farm ruin will get some sprucing up.  The Town has committed to mowing and renewing the neglected spur trail to the farm home site.  Sometime soon thereafter a historical marker will also be placed along the Spine Trail that it connects to...

Erie History Day at Wise Homestead 2017

On Thursday, May 11th the Erie Historical hosted 310 8th graders from Erie Middle for History Day at Wise Homestead to learn more about Homestead Act, Westward Expansion, and life on an 1880s Homestead. After a presentation at Erie Middle by Alan and Erin Wise, the...

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