History of Erie Colorado newspapers – timeline

Erie-Canfield Independent 1884-1894. Weekly.

Walter MacAnnaly may have been the founder. A.I. Wilson was publisher in 1881; R.J. Van Valkenberg, 1892; and Charles O. Bell, 1894. Bell continued the paper as:

Erie Independent 1894-1896. Weekly.

Charles O. Bell, publisher

Erie Review 1900-1902. Weekly.

F. H. Davis was owner publisher/editor in 1901. Jack A. Aurell was publisher when the Review folded in 1902.

Erie News June 1903-1905. Weekly.

C.L. Bowman and Clyde.L. Stanley, founders. J. Wayne Hoffman of Ohio purchased the News and renamed it:

Western Mirror June 1904-1908. Weekly.

Frederick Allen took over from Hoffman and in 1908 renamed the paper again:

Erie Herald 1908-1915. Weekly.

Frederick Allen, publisher. Allen sold to Wallace Olin in 1911.

Erie Herald #2 September 9, 1933-1951.

Newman R. Hays, founder. Roy W. Hays published the new Herald from 1933 to 1948, when he sold to Wayne Hunsaker. Hunsaker suspended the paper in May 1950. A.B. Withers revived the Herald in August 1950, but suspended it again 1951.

Erie News #2 1930-1937.

Blanche Farmer was founder, editor and publisher throughout its run. The News discontinued in 1937.


Erie Echo Dec 8, 1977-1980. Weekly.

Dick Easton and Marge Easton, publishers. Roy Van Dyke served as editor until June 1978, followed by Bryan T. Nolan. Ed & Ruth Lehman bought the Echo and merged it into the Frederick Farmer and Miner.