by Shannon Jones

Shannon Jones Wise Homestead Museum Photo by Annebelle Denmark - Wise Homestead Museum

Photo by Annebelle Denmark

As I walk into my family's 1,000 square foot museum for like the 150th time, I breathe in the aroma of old wood and furniture.  Visiting this place is one of my favorite ways to reconnect with the past.  It gives me goosebumps to know my ancestors stood in this exact place.  A blast from the past.  Most people struggle to imagine life without 21st-century technology.

It’s interesting how much pioneer children's daily activities vary from those of today's kids.  A girl back then would be busily helping her mother with tasks such as sewing, washing, cleaning, and cooking,  A boy back then would help his dad tend to animals, cut wood, make various things, or harvest crops. Nowadays, girls’ and boys' activities don't differ much at all.

On a tour through the museum, you'll probably notice the differences.  A washstand sits where a television would today.  There are no bathrooms, in their place are chamber pots and an outhouse.  In place of memory-foam mattresses are simple straw-stuffed beds.

Horsehair, clay, and mud are relied on for insulation in the walls.  Interested?  Visit us!  I guarantee a good use of your time.