TO: Members and Friends

FROM: Sarah Allene Wise, President

RE: Annual Report

DATE: November, 20  2006

Biscuit Day was a great success. Our sincere thanks go to Dixie Prime of Erie Chamber of Commerce who did the planning and organization of donations, gifts and supporters. We served over 2,000 people. We doubled the order of gravy but again ran out before 1:00pm. Between the quilt raffle and the biscuit breakfast we made $4,000.00 which will provide this year’s payment on the loan at the Heritage Bank.  (The loan was obtained to pay the matching funds required by the Colorado State Historical Society Grant). The farmer’s market was well received and the craft booths well attended. The music was an excellent addition to the celebration.

The winner of the quilt was Kristin Froehlich, Erie, the $100.00 bond was won by Rosie Gonzales, Lafayette, and Kim Sanger, Erie, won the $50.00 bond.

Thanks to all who helped to make Biscuit Day a very special Erie celebration.

The Museum renovation is complete. Rebecca Waugh, who handled the Colorado State Historical Grant for us, indicated the grant is now closed. Thanks to the contractors Affleck Builders we were able to come in under budget. However, the grant did not provide for a septic system. We must get a septic system before we can get running water into the house. That will cost about $7,000.00

We received an old iron bedstead from Savan Seeraray Questers Club. It will fit into the front bedroom. We need a set of old coil springs for the bed.  If you know of anyone who might have one, please call me (Sarah Wise, 303.828.4561).

Landscaping is being planned. The Town of Erie gave the Society a certificate for 50% of the cost of a small tree. An Erie resident donated an outhouse that will be placed behind the museum. Sidewalks are in the plans. We will begin to put some of the items in for display. We will have an open house for the public sometime next spring.

See you at Open House and Biscuit Day 2007.